Lives and works in Berlin and New York

Collaboration | Estabished 1998

The Fantastic Nobodies are a cast of starkly different performance characters who have collaborated together to create remarkable fusions of art and life. This is achieved through a common understanding in the group and the subsequent improvisation in the nature and definition of THE MOMENT.

Acting as reflective mirrors for each other’s creativity, the collective has fostered great breadth of production including: performance, infiltrations, social sculptures, situations, happenings, road-trips, cooking, photography, installations, video, music, poetry, painting, and drawing. These creative actions were consciously honed in an independent, self-made, punk rock inspired, and reclusive way while sometimes being documented through video and photography.

The six founding artists are David Henry Brown Jr., Marc Grubstein, Steve Johnson, Daniel Joseph, Eric Laine and Chad Spicer.

The Fantastic Nobodies have been touted as one of the most exciting performance based collectives to recently emerge (Art Papers). Having exhibited in several avant guard galleries around the world such as, Jack the Pelican Presents This aint No Picnic (Brooklyn, July 2006) Brot.undpsiele gallery Operation Shit Storm (Berlin, July 2008) {CTS} Creative Thriftshop America’s Most UnWanted (Brooklyn, March 2009) they have masted the art of the “situation” of which The Living Frame is most well known and celebrated.

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