Lives and works in Miami, FL.

Born Cuba | 1955 | 1968

A satirical look at aspects of human sexuality, self expression and social taboos. Observations of stereotypical behavior and the clashes between the ideology behind conformity and the untamed urges of the alter ego. Taking a voyeuristic journey through the complexities of the psyche where the image we take on in order to gain acceptance and successfully function within society is counterbalanced by many levels of idiosyncrasies.

In our JOE series, we use dolls to represent the human experience. Action figures who symbolize a heroic icon, archetypes of classic physical beauty. Untitled (Trophy), for example, was inspired by mythological stories such as Medusa and David and Goliath, this particular piece addresses power in a contemporary context where lines are blurred between good and evil. The hero type is depicted as the aggressor and the enemy as the victim in a misogynistic image of triumph. These specimens of masculinity are sculpted and chiseled to perfection and proudly suited in uniforms that define their loyal service and duty, and yet, the powerful affect of a subtle but suggestive pose or a simple change of clothes can quickly and drastically change their perceived identities.

Through the power of persuasion, their non-threatening facades of manhood shift when their outward appearance collide with unexpected portrayals of ambiguity, fetish and perversion in these sexually charged vignettes.

Guerra de la Paz
The Joe Series
2005-07, portfolio of 25 digital pigment prints, edition of 10, 11x14in (28x36cm)
Individual prints available, edition of 5, 30x40in (76x102cm)

©Guerra de la Paz
edition-Private Collection Geneva, Switzerland.
image courtesy of {CTS} creativethriftshop, New York