Group Show featuring Juan Doe, Anibal Padrino, Ron Upperman, Chris Savido, Eric Doeringer, Michael Anderson, GHOST SEEN, and many more
Curators Animal Magazine

Run dates: December 21st- January 1st, 2005
Opening Reception: Tuesday, December 21st; 8-11pm
Location: Chelsea Market
Directions: 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

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Since Animal Magazine's "Paradise" show was censored and dismantled by New York City's Chelsea Market on December 8th, Chris Savido's "Bush Monkeys" painting in particular has fueled a heated global dialogue on a range of issues, from censorship to the war in Iraq. The picture, which presents portrait of President Bush composed of a band of chimpanzees in a boggy marsh, was banned by the Chelsea Market in response to pressure from Bush supporters. The story has been covered by hundreds of news organizations, from the New York Times to the BBC. Thousand have logged into Yahoo and other online message boards and blogs to register their feelings about the piece.

Early this morning, Friday, January 7, ANIMAL cofounders Bucky Turco and Matt Trumino, along with some participating "Paradise" artist launched ART for FREEDOM, a new EBAY charity auction featuring the controversial “Bush Monkeys” painting and works from 10 other controversial banned artists. The artists, who will donate 50% of their proceeds to charity, posted a like-minded challenge to President Bush on the Jumbotron above New York's Holland tunnel -- cancel the inappropriately lavish inauguration gala and redirect the estimated $ 40 million in party expenses to charity. “We’re using our talents to help make America a better place,” said Mr. Turco. “We challenge the President to do same, and put this shameful gala money to good use.”

Participating artists include Chris Savido, Chris Clinton, Eric Doeringer, Juan Doe, Fiorentina De Biasi, Michael Anderson, Ronj Nub, Vincent Michea, Jason Roumas, and legendary graffiti writers GHOST and SEEN.

Charitable proceeds from the EBAY auction title, "ANIMAL ART for FREEDOM" will go to support anti-censorship and anti-war initiatives administered by the National Coalition Against Censorship and Veterans for Peace/Iraq Veterans Against the War.

During the auction, the "Bush Monkeys" auction announcement will be broadcast approxImately 10 times an hour on the "Jumbotron" digital billboard located near the Manhattan entrance to the Holland Tunnel. ANIMAL has been told that over 400,000 drivers commuting between Manhattan and New Jersey will pass by the sign each day. “Having the “Paradise” artist their work visible to so many is, in itself, a victory against the forces of censorship,” noted Turco.


  Juan Doe, Paradice, 2005 enamel on canvas, 36x48in (90x120cm)
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York
Installation View: Paradise, Chelsea Market, New York, NY. 2004
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York

about the artist: Juan Doe an artist that strains the boundary between painting, propaganda, polemics, and philosophical discourse in art. He encapsulated a new age aesthetic through his command of the graphic process but with the masterful execution of a painter. His images are non-negotiable, they cannot be interpreted or postponed; they exist now, for the oxygen of the viewers eyes.

about the artist: Anibal Padrino Born in the Bronx, New York, in the early 1970s, Currently lives and works in Long Island City, at the now famous Crane Studios. After completing a half semester of academic art education at the School of Visual Arts he was voted “Most Valuable Painter,” May 10, 1991.

about the artist: Graffiti Writer/ designer Ron Upperman, A.K.A. “The Nature Boy;” without effort combines his strong sense of self with basic elements of good design. His appeal is a result of well balanced; raw visuals, natural street sense, personal style and talent. Through his art he makes those who think they are in the know stop and question themselves.

about the location: At the National Biscuit Company complex, begun in the 1890's in what is now west Chelsea, the ovens baked everything from Saltines to Oreos. Chelsea Market, from Ninth to 10th Avenue and 15th to 16th Street offers ghostly evocations of the site's history.

about the curator: ANIMAL is a mix of underground culture, city-centric musings, and cultural epithets updated daily, providing compulsory reading for artists, writers, curators, creative peoples, (as well as editors, reporters, and brand people) . ANIMAL represents a new breed of media: interactive, transparent, dynamic, and connected to an eclectic flock of cultureholics. ANIMALnewyork.com publishes daily. The print magazine is individually themed and comes out 2x a year (ok, well ideally it would) in conjunction with an exhibition.

Anibal Padrino, Jihad Paradise, 2004, oil on canvas
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York
Ron J. Nub, Low Rider Paradice, 2004, acrylic,spraypaint, and enamel on denim, 40x34in
Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York