Homegrown Southeast
Group Show featuring Guerra de la Paz
curator Steven Matijcio

Run Dates May 11th 2007-July 8th 2007
Opening: Friday, May 11th 7-9pm
Location: Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art
Directions: 750 Marguerite Dr. Winston Salem, NC 27106

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The Southeast is going to do it again! SECCA proudly presents the latest rendition of HomeGrown Southeast 2007, a large-scale survey of the work of artists from the southeastern United States. This biennial is always intriguing and each time we alter the selection process to keep it fresh and upbeat. The range of media is impressive and diverse: life-size cloth-built figures with cultural and political implications in the work of the Miami duo Guerra del la Paz (FL); the interfering squawkbox mechanics of the culture jamming antics of Negativland (NC); and the massive neon lit psychological profile of the state of the United States by Ken Daley (VA).


about the artist: Guerra de la Paz is the composite name that represents the creative team efforts of Cuban-born artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. What began as an idea for two individual artists to share a working studio in Miami's Little Haiti, has become an ongoing collaboration that has evolved into constant experimentation, manifesting into a body of work that spans over eleven years in a variety of formats. The recipient of the 2008 SCOPE Foundation Grant for artist project “Under the Banyan Tree,” they are are represented in the Saatchi Collection (London), 21C Museum Foundation (Louisville, KY), Frost Art Museum (Miami, FL), Miami Art Museum (Miami, FL), and The Cintas Fellows Collection.

about the center: SECCA opened in 1956 as a non-profit visual arts organization in Winston-Salem, North Carolina The mission of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art is to educate and involve audiences in the art of our time. SECCA presents and interprets contemporary art of the United States with programs encompassing the issues engaging artists today. In partnership with artists and community, SECCA takes a leadership role in shaping culture by encouraging the dynamic relationship between art and society, supporting the creation of significant new artworks, elucidating new trends and issues in contemporary art, creating a public forum for the presentation of diverse issues, as well as cultivating scholarship and research in contemporary art. SECCA fosters creative excellence through temporary exhibitions and projects of significant regional and national scope. Through innovative outreach and education programs, SECCA serves as a vital community resource by bringing artists, their work, and the public together in meaningful experiences of sharing and learning on the common ground of art.

  Installation View: Homegrown South East, SECCA, Winston Salem, NC. Images courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York
Guerra de la Paz, The Family, 2005, mix media sculpture with assorted clothing consisting of 8 figures, a rug, and a chair, 96x72x72in (244x183x183cm)
Images courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York

Guerra de la Paz, Ring Around the Rosy, 2006, mix media sculpture, 84in (214cm)
Images courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop, New York, NY.